Guide To Fitting Kit Blake Trousers

The Aleks is our best-selling model and the style we launched with. It boasts four, inward-facing deep pleats and is cut to sit higher on the waist. Like all Kit Blake trousers, it does not require a belt, and has side-adjusters. If you are in-between sizes, we would recommend going up a size and pulling the adjusters in a little closer. Alternatively, there is the option of wearing braces and we have thoughtfully placed buttons inside the waistband to secure proper button-on braces. Please do not wear the clip-on elastic variety.

The profile of the Aleks is quite full in the thigh with a natural taper to the hem. Gentlemen with an athletic figure of slim waist and well-developed thigh and/or calf muscles appreciate this cut but it is by no means a necessity.

Aleks Size Chart

The Grant (formerly Slim Aleks) is based on the Aleks and has the same rise (how high the trouser sits on the waist) and deep pleats but a slightly more pronounced taper to a narrower hem. They are approximately 2” narrower at the hem and 1” slimmer in the thigh. Unless you have very athletic thighs and calves, you will wear the same size. This model was created for cloths that do not drape particularly well and is ideal in cottons or flannels.

Grants Size Chart

Tapering trousers is not a difficult or particularly expensive alteration and as all our trousers are supplied unhemmed, you can always ask your tailor to narrow the hem to suit your taste when having them finished. We are often asked how our trousers should be hemmed and there are many options to choose from but we always recommend a 2” cuff.

The Stretch Aleks is the same fit as the Grant but instead of our normal waistband of side adjusters and brace-buttons, we have applied an elasticated version with a simple drawstring. Supremely comfortable, these are trousers for relaxing and feeling relaxed. Ideal for travel. They are quite stretchy, so if you are between sizes, take the smaller option.

The Duke is our single-pleated version of the Aleks. The solitary deep pleat faces outwards in what we used to call the “Italian” way and gives a sharp, clean definition to the front crease without excess bagginess. Ideal for cautious dressers or conservative business environments. They are a good introduction to comfortable trousers.


Duke Size Chart

duke size chart

The Caine is our flat-fronted model and sits lower on the waist than our pleated models (and hence why we add more to the waist) but still sits well above the hips. Some cloths, like heavier tweeds, just work better in flat-fronts and we know some of our customers prefer them. If you have a prominent seat or thighs, you are advised to go up a size although they are not skinny or particularly slim in the leg.


Caine Size Chart



The Windsor (formerly Short Aleks) are our pleated, tailored shorts. They have an 8” in-seam and are finished with 1 5/8” cuffs. They are never lined nor do they have brace buttons.Kit blake summer shorts

Windsor Size Chart

widnsor size chart