A Guide To Trouser Cloths

A Guide To Trouser Cloths

Echoing our values for tailor-made and ethical craft, the materials Kit Blake use for our trousers are mainly sourced from Northern Italy, including from a family-run mill in Biella in Piedmont, at the foot of the Alps, which has a weaving industry that dates back to 1245. But we also source our fabrics from Huddersfield, in the UK and from Northern Ireland. 

 kit blake flannel trousers permanent style

Wool Flannel:

At Kit Blake, we’re big proponents of flannel, which is why it features among our iconic products. The balance of texture and warmth brings character to trousers and allows them to be dressed up or worn in smart-casual settings as you see fit. Flannel trousers are a wardrobe essential, and the universal favourite for smart-casual trousers, especially in grey flannel. Their versatility makes them wearable with all the other pieces in your wardrobe.



kit blake tropical wool trousers

Tropical Wool:

Tropical wool trousers are the summer equivalent of flannel. Versatile, they come in a wool fabric that is woven with a lesser thread count than usual, in order to make it more breathable and lighter. They are perfectly suitable for the warmer months but also for all year round, as the wool has the specificity to let warmth out in Summer, and to hold it in in Winter. 



kit blake yellow linen trousers


Linen is the Spring-Summer cloth by definition. Intended for warm weather, it is cool to the touch and breathable, and compliments the Grant style perfectly. Linen trousers will wrinkle with wear but will continue to drape well, and are therefore perfect for casual outfits but can still be dressed up. Like wool fabrics, linen is highly absorbent but moisture evaporates quickly, making it ideal for warm weather.



kit blake cotton trousers



Cotton trousers can be weaved in different ways, from gabardine to twills for warmer months, to moleskin and corduroy for cooler months. At Kit Blake, we offer cotton trousers in our Grant Style, sourced from Brisbanne Moss and Larusmiani, but also our Newman chinos, made with a garment-dyed cloth. 




As the years have progressed, Kit Blake has developed distinct, permanent styles to suit all men’s needs. None of our trousers have belt-loops but are designed to be self-supporting with the aid of buckle and strap side adjusters for an elegant look. All our trousers also have buttons inside the waistband to wear braces, and they are rubberised to prevent your tucked-in shirt from moving during the day. Savile Row inspired, all our trousers are made in Italy.

They talk about Kit Blake

"Kit Blake is the only brand in this (RTW trouser) guide dedicated to making trousers only. Their classic, Savile Row-inspired designs are made in Italy from British and Italian cloths, and sometimes it’s damn refreshing to try a product which is truly distinctive."

Permanent Style

"Kit Blake focus on expertly crafted garments, all made in Italy with the finest clothes from some of the most well-known English and Italian mills."

The Gentleman's Journal

"Tailored to a very high standard in true English style, there is probably no trouser more accomplished for all seasons."

The Rake Magazine

"That’s why we’re excited about Kit Blake: a relatively young menswear label (founded in 2018) that takes the mission of making beautiful tailored trousers to new heights – by pushing a quality product that is timeless and aesthetically pleasing, without compromising on price."

Boss Hunting

"A good pair of weighty flannel trousers are an essential for the AW season. They are versatile enough to take you to the office or around the park, depending on how you style them, and cosy enough to withstand the bitter winter wind. " 
Square Mile

" Kit Blake’s proposition was a standalone, ready-to-wear trouser of the kind that is increasingly difficult to find outside of bespoke: classic proportions, luxury fabrics and the styling cues of traditional English tailoring. "

Robb Report