Why Do You Need Pleated Trousers In Your Wardrobe?

Why Do You Need Pleated Trousers In Your Wardrobe?

Pleated trousers have been a staple of men's fashion for decades, and for good reason. Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated, but they also offer a comfortable fit that allows for ease of movement. At Kit Blake, our Aleks, Grant and Duke fits have pleats, and we always have been fans of the style and comfort they offer, as an alternative to flat-front trousers that we offer in our Caine style.
kit blake off white pleated trousers
One of the key reasons why pleated trousers are extremely comfortable is that they provide a lot of room in the hip area. The pleats create extra fabric that allows for greater ease of movement, which can be especially beneficial for men who have larger thighs or hips, as pleated trousers can help to prevent any feeling of restriction or discomfort.

Pleats also help to distribute the fabric more evenly across the body. With flat-front trousers, the fabric is more likely to bunch or pull in certain areas if the trousers are too small and skinny, pleated trousers, on the other hand, allow the fabric to flow more freely and evenly across the body, creating a smoother, more comfortable fit.

In addition to their comfort, pleated trousers can also be more forgiving when it comes to weight fluctuations. Because they provide extra room in the hip area, pleated trousers can accommodate changes in weight or body shape without feeling too tight or restrictive, and this can be especially beneficial for men who prefer a more relaxed fit. Combined with side-adjusters, you will be comfortable at all times, even after a heavy dinner!
kit blake single pleat trousers

Single-pleat trousers, such as our Duke style, have one pleat on each side of the waistband, creating a slight fold of fabric. These trousers can add a bit of extra room in the hip area and provide a slightly more relaxed fit than flat-front trousers. These trousers are a great introduction to pleated trousers.

Double-pleat trousers have two pleats on each side of the waistband, providing even more room in the hip area and offering a more relaxed fit, making them a popular choice for more traditional and classic looks. Our Grant and Aleks styles both have double-pleats, which are called "forward pleats", where the excess material is gathered towards the front of the trouser, keeping the inward half of the trouser leg neater and creating a more streamlined look. 
All our pleated styles have been designed with deep pleats, at approximately 2.8cm depth, ensuring that the pleats stay close when standing still, and increasing the comfort when on the move.

Flat-front trousers, such as our Caine, have a slim fit without being skinny, and for a comfortable fit, we always suggest sizing up one full size so that there's enough room on the leg and waist. They offer a classic, elegant and very clean look, as there's no excess fabric on the leg. They are perfect for casual outfits.

kit blake flannel pleated trousers

Overall, while flat-front trousers may be a popular choice for a classic look, pleated trousers remain a classic and comfortable option for men of all ages and styles. Whether you prefer flat fronts, single pleats or double pleats, there's a pair of Kit Blake trousers that will make you feel comfortable and confident, no matter where you go.

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