Kit blake trousers summer cotton and linen trousers

Mastering Smart-Casual Holiday Style

As you plan your escape to Italy or the glamorous Riviera for a summer holiday, we have put together a few tips and outfit inspiration to help you travel in style and reduce the stress often linked to packing. Summer holidays call for wardrobe versatility, combining comfort with a touch of sartorial finesse. Your swimwear will get plenty of use, but don’t forget to dress the part with smart-casual outfits that will keep you looking effortlessly elegant at all time.


 Kit blake trousers summer cotton and linen trousers

Linen trousers are a wardrobe staple in the Mediterranean, and it's no different in Italy and the Riviera. Lightweight, breathable and unlined, these trousers keep you cool under the warm Italian sun while presenting a relaxed, yet refined appearance.

Pair your Kit Blake linen trousers with a light denim or chambray shirt for a timeless outfit, or opt for a textured polo for more casual vibes. To complete the look, slip into comfortable loafers or espadrilles, perfect for leisurely strolls along the coastal promenades.


Our Kit Blake cotton trousers are a versatile choice for exploring the picturesque towns of Italy and the Riviera. The light cotton fabrics provide a comfortable fit, ensuring you feel at ease as you traverse cobblestone streets and indulge in mouthwatering Italian cuisine.

Pair your cotton trousers with a patterned polo shirt or linen button-down for the day, and a tailored blazer for the evening. Roll up the shirt cuffs for a touch of sprezzatura, and wear matching loafers, preferably sockless. 

 Kit blake trousers summer cotton and linen trousers

When the sun is shining, and you're ready to hit the beach or enjoy seaside cocktails, our Kit Blake Windsor shorts are your go-to option. Pleated and made in Italy to the same standards as our tailored trousers, they can be worn at all times, from walks on the beach to a casual dinner in the evenings.

Pair your Windsor shorts with a linen button-down shirt or a t-shirt for an outfit that effortlessly captures the spirit of leisure. Slip into comfortable espadrilles or boat shoes to complete your look, and don't forget a cardigan on these cool summer evenings.

 Kit blake trousers summer cotton and linen trousers

As you embark on your Italian adventure or bask in the allure of the Riviera, let Kit Blake trousers be your style statement – a testament to your impeccable taste and appreciation for timeless elegance. With our trousers, you can effortlessly achieve that smart-casual look that blends comfort and style, ensuring you're ready for unforgettable holiday moments. 


They talk about Kit Blake

"Kit Blake is the only brand in this (RTW trouser) guide dedicated to making trousers only. Their classic, Savile Row-inspired designs are made in Italy from British and Italian cloths, and sometimes it’s damn refreshing to try a product which is truly distinctive."

Permanent Style

"Kit Blake focus on expertly crafted garments, all made in Italy with the finest clothes from some of the most well-known English and Italian mills."

The Gentleman's Journal

"Tailored to a very high standard in true English style, there is probably no trouser more accomplished for all seasons."

The Rake Magazine

"That’s why we’re excited about Kit Blake: a relatively young menswear label (founded in 2018) that takes the mission of making beautiful tailored trousers to new heights – by pushing a quality product that is timeless and aesthetically pleasing, without compromising on price."

Boss Hunting

"A good pair of weighty flannel trousers are an essential for the AW season. They are versatile enough to take you to the office or around the park, depending on how you style them, and cosy enough to withstand the bitter winter wind. " 
Square Mile

" Kit Blake’s proposition was a standalone, ready-to-wear trouser of the kind that is increasingly difficult to find outside of bespoke: classic proportions, luxury fabrics and the styling cues of traditional English tailoring. "

Robb Report