Aleks Blue Double-Pleated Tropical Worsted Wool Trousers

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Known for being made up beautifully in flannel, these tropical wool trousers have all the drape and high quality trademarks of the flannel originals, but are cut in a cloth that allows them to be worn throughout the warmer months while not losing any of their formality. They work particularly well as separate trousers with a variety of blazers, with a tie or without. With all Kit Blake trousers, we suggest finishing them with a 2" turn up cuff.

About the Aleks style:

Our four pleated Aleks style boasts a higher rise, full-cut thigh with slight taper to the hem. Like all our trousers, it does not have belt-loops but is designed to be self-supporting with the aid of buckle and strap side-adjustors.

We offer the Aleks in rich flannel wools in shades of greys, seasonal colours and patterns. we also offer cotton, wool gabardine and tropical worsted wools. They are the perfect pair of 'proper trousers' to have in your wardrobe and are for any time you want to give your jeans a day off.