Sizing charts

Below are the size charts for all our trousers and our Windsor shorts. The measurements are set out in centimetres, please do reach out to us at if you have any questions.


Grant Size Chart

Based on our Aleks but with a more pronounced taper from thigh to hem, this model is ideal for stiffer cloths with less drape such as cotton and linen, but also perfect for flannels and tropicals.


size chart grant trousers



Aleks Size Chart

Our four pleated style boasts a higher rise, full-cut thigh with slight taper to the hem. Like all our trousers, it does not have belt-loops but is designed to be self-supporting with the aid of buckle and strap side-adjustors.
We offer the Aleks in rich flannel wools in shades of greys, seasonal colours and patterns, but also in wool gabardine, tropical worsted wools and cottons. They are the perfect pair of 'proper trousers' to have in your wardrobe and are for any time you want to give your jeans a day off.
aleks size chart kit blake



Windsor Size Chart

Kit Blake shorts are perfect for the warmer months, in the city but also at the beach.


windsor size chart



Caine Size Chart

The Caine is our flat-fronted model and is slim but not skinny. Cut with a moderate rise it has side-adjusters, slanted pockets and a handy fob pocket cut into the waistband. We usually offer this style in tweeds and heavier cloths. 
We recommend sizing-up with the Caine trousers.

caine size chart