Kit Blake: Sterling Trousers

Not a permanent fixture in many people's wardrobe for a while now, here's why people are ditching the low-waisted and overly tapered trousers for Kit Blake's classically tailored trousers, cut in true British style.

by: CHRISTOPHER MODOO Kit Blake: Sterling Trousers
Wandering through the stylish districts of old-London, whether it be St James’s or the narrow lanes of the City, it has become rather uncommon to see a gentleman striding to work in a bowler hat carrying a beautifully crafted briefcase. Sightings of tailored trousers of classical proportions have become equally sporadic over the years. There’s infinite reasons why these traditional trimmings have faded away from our streets, but hard to pinpoint an exact one. What we do know is that there is still very much a place for these classical items made in a timeless style – and particularly trousers which offer endless versatility Fortunately there is a burgeoning company called Kit Blake. It is the vision of one of menswear’s most experienced and passionate aficionados, Chris Modoo who recognized that after looking at his own wardrobe, there was a succinct imbalance of the number of jackets to trousers. Together with entrepreneur Richard Wheat, they have masterminded a comeback for impeccably tailored trousers which perfectly protrude informal elegance.
    The Rake has the pleasure of selling their latest trouser collection, all of which are Made in Italy using a variety of high-quality cloths. The latest drop consists of a selection of Kit Blake’s iconic Aleksandar trousers, which have proved so immensely popular over the last few years. As the advection of warm air blows in from North Africa to mainland Europe, your choice of cloth can make all the difference to feeling at ease. Their blue linen slim Aleks trouser is quite possibly one of the most versatile summer trouser options you can buy. This slim model still features a high waistband and double pleats which aptly accentuates the upper body, so long as you choose something wonderful on top such as a neatly tucked in traditional polo-shirt of the ribbed or towelling texture - accompanied with an ascot, which would certainly be recognisable to people who knew the Duke of Windsor. The only difference though is that while HRH used wear trousers with wider legs, this particular style slightly taperes towards the lower leg for a neater silhouette. In true Riviera sartorial leanings, this model also comes in a lustful off-white hue. All is not lost though if you want to replicate that exact look; in collaboration with Dugdale bros, Kit Blake offer an exquisite cream gabardine trouser, which is certainly at the highest end of the spectrum in terms of elegance.
      Tailored to a very high standard in true English style, there is probably no trouser more accomplished for all seasons than the cotton slim Aleks. Offered in navy, khaki, beige and off-white, it is the perfect trouser to wear for business, leisure and even formal dress. Each Kit Blake trouser has rubberised internal brace buttons, which we advise you to adopt for more formal occasions. The definitive functional summer fabric which not all people consider in their arsenal is seersucker. This lightweight, puckered cloth is comfortable, versatile and breezy in every sense of the word – perfect for all of your warm-weather looks, no matter the dress code. Kit Blake’s seersucker wool slim Aleks from Vitale Barberis Canonico are a very fine example of seersucker trousers as well as being unusual, seersucker usually being cotton. Featuring double pleats, they provide ample scope as either an option on the more casual or formal side of summer dressing. They look extremely cool paired with an unbuttoned white linen shirt, neatly tucked in, but try not clash the tone on the top half with overpowering patterns and instead let the trousers do the talking. There’s a consensus that you shouldn’t wear wool in summer as its thought to be heavy and sweaty. In some cases, this can be true, but if wearing the right wool, this is certainly a false interpretation. Kit Blake’s tropical wool Aleksandar trousers are cut in the type of cloth that seamlessly works in the warmer months. It is a testament to Kit Blake that by using this cloth they have still managed to retain this beautiful drape which works exceptionally well with a variety of blazers, with or without a tie.


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