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“Well-designed and well-executed pieces

that can be worn in a multitude of ways”

The Rake Magazine


We love a great coat and we make a greatcoat. The Naphill is full of swagger with a collar that pops, half-belt and cuffs. The Urban has all the swagger but less bulk.

A decent coat, proper trousers, smart boots and a piece of knitwear and you have your autumn wardrobe. Classic modern dressing made simple.

We don’t hate suits but question why jackets and trousers of the same cloth should be considered more formal than complementary cloths. In formal dress, the opposite is true.

A wardrobe of separate jackets, trousers and vests means you have more options with less clothes. We can help you build one.


All Kit Blake jackets boast a two button spaced cuff. Classic and considered but with no regimental connotations. They can be easily altered if you prefer a different configuration and we have even prepared to make working if you like real holes in your sleeves.

Our Tailoring Collection is currently available exclusively from the Rake Atelier